September President's Message

So it’s September!  That’s my next to favorite month of the year.  The good news for me is I can finally just enjoy the crisper mornings and warm afternoons without having to drop kids off to school.  But, summer is basically over and it IS back to SEAONC time!!

I thought I would first start off with a follow-up to my last month’s message.  As you may recall, the main topic was how to make SDEAONC membership more valuable to our members that work mostly with single-family residences and smaller commercial type-V building projects.  I invited your thoughts and commentary on the subject and I’m pleased to say I got one response!  Thank you Peter.  I would still like to hear from more of you if you have additional ideas as to how we might do better in this area.

At our last Board Meeting, we had an energetic (and I think exciting) discussion about increasing the value of your membership to SEAONC in general.  This next month we will be reviewing the charges of all our committees in detail to ensure that they align well with what we believe is valuable to you the membership.  This would be an excellent time to communicate any thoughts you have to either me or to any of the members of the Board of Directors that you are familiar with.  If you need to learn more about our committees, just log onto our website.

While on the topic of membership value, I thought it might be good to circle back on a procedural change we made last year when applicants are posting for membership.  As many of you may know, our Bylaws state that when a person applies for membership to SEAONC / SEAOC, the application is screened by our office and the Secretary of the Board to check the qualifications of the applicant for the level of membership for which they are applying.  After review of the application, notice of the application then must be “sent to the membership, who shall have 30 days from the date of mailing of the notice in which to file written objection to the election of the applicant.” The application is then submitted to the Board for approval by vote. 

For as many years as I can remember, we did this by publishing the names of the applicants in our monthly newsletter, even back when it was a blue, black and white printed one.  Last year, however, we elected to open our newsletter to the public side of our web site.  Due to privacy issues, we now post a link in our newsletter that will take our members, once logged in, to the closed membership side of the web site.  The sole purpose of this discussion is to remind you that this is how posting is being done now and to check in with you all as to how it is working for you.

Lastly, I truly hope to see a great turn out from you for our meeting on September 13.  We have an exciting program for you being presented by Rose McClure and Natalie Tse on the SP3 project.  I’ll see you there!!