November President's Message

Dearly beloved SEAONC members:

Wow, how did it get to be November already?  I’m still coming down from what I think was the best SEAOC Convention yet and frankly, feeling a little Post-Convention depression.  What a great full program with three full days of technical sessions, 90 total, 55 Exhibitors from all over the US and Canada, two great dinner parties, a luau and the CSI party at the King Kamehameha Golf Club House (thank you Ashraf), numerous receptions, sporting events, companion events.  We even had the Mayor of Christchurch New Zealand as a plenary speaker to kick it all off!

For those of you that were in attendance, (and there were a good number of you, 164 to be exact), I’d hope you would agree that this is one of the more valuable events that is offered every year by SEAOC to its members as well as structural engineers form other locations as well.  First, there are three days of continuing education.  For those that require that for other state licenses, you can usually satisfy that requirement in one convention.  Then, as I have found over the years, there is that very valuable opportunity to mingle, collaborate or even commiserate with your fellow practitioners on a neutral playing field outside the daily arena of professional competition.  Then you can learn about great new products and technology to improve our designs in the exhibit hall.  Finally, who can argue with great social events in a beautiful relaxing setting like Maui? 

This marking the 5th Convention Committee I have served on over the last 20 years, I thought for the benefit of some of our newer members that I would explain how our conventions actually happen.  Each year, our tradition is that one of the four Member Organizations of SEAOC will host the convention.  This year it was our turn at SEAONC.  Next year it will be San Diego, then Southern California then Central California and so on. We do not hire event planning firms as do many other professional organizations.  Rather, we do it with good old loving hands at home.  We have a volunteer planning committee that works hours upon hours over two to three years planning every detail of every part of the convention.  It’s a ton of work but so rewarding when you wake up when you are there and realize that this convention is completely customized to be what we, the Structural Engineers Association of California, want it to be.  It’s awesome.

So at this point, I want to acknowledge and thank the SEAONC members that formed the core of our 2016 Convention planning committee and commend them on a job well done.  They are:

Convention Chair:  Wayne A. Low
Finance:  Joyce Feng

Technical Presentations:  Bill Tremayne

Registration:  Holly Razzano

Exhibits & Sponsors: Dick Dreyer

Social Events:  Howard Zee

Website:  Darrick Hom

Sports and Companion Activities:  Lisa Cassedy

Younger Members Activities:  David Martin

Publicity:  Sandra Jung

PDA App: Melissa Vickery

SEAOC President:  Kelly Cobeen (helped with all of it)

SEAOC Executive Director:  Don Schinske (helped with all of it too)

Please also note that there were several others that assisted each of the above as sub-committee.  Great work all of you!!

Until next time,