July President's Message

As we prepare to kick off the 2016-2017 Board year, I just want to first say what an honor and pleasure it is going to be for me to serve as your president.   This has been a long time desire of mine and now, as I compose this first Presidents Message to you, reality is setting in!!  I’ve got to get my writing game on.

First, I would like to welcome our new Board Members:  Please welcome David Ojala, Kevin Moore and Ayse Hortacsu as our new incoming directors.  Also welcome back Karl Telleen, Marguerite Bello and Laura Whitehurst and of course Taryn Williams as our Vice President.  Kate Stilwell will of course remain on the Board as Past President Extraordinaire and one heck of an act to follow!  Now for the hard part.  Farwell to Darrick Hom, our now Past Past President, Brian McDonald, Ray Lui, and Greg Luth.  Your hard work and wisdom will be missed.

Next, an important announcement:

As hopefully most of you are aware, we are having our next SEAOC Convention in Maui Hawaii.  If you are attending the convention and have booked your room with the Hyatt, you are good to go and if you have not registered on the Convention web site you need to do so.  That said, if you have booked additional days in Maui either side of the convention, please be sure you fully intend to stay those days.  If you do not, please modify your reservations now.  We are experiencing an unprecedented number of room bookings that we are committed to and last minute cancellations can be disastrous to the association

So it’s summer!  We have no dinner meeting so we won’t be able to get formally acquainted just yet but hopefully in August many of you will come out in droves to our dinner meeting so we can.  In the meantime as you will bask in the sun in the mountains or the beaches and have time for a couple of free thoughts, maybe you can ask yourselves what areas of your practice as structural engineers do you find to come easily for you.  What areas do you struggle with?  And, the best question yet, what could this Structural Engineers Association of Northern California do to better support you in your day to day practice?  We have a wealth of committees that are the life blood of this organization that thrive on doing just that but they are thirsty for your input and participation.

If there are aspects of your practice that come easy for you, this might be a great opportunity for some committee leadership.  If then there are aspects that you feel you are struggling with we want to hear from you as well.  This could be a great opportunity to perpetuate new direction for our existing committees or even create a new one.

This is YOUR SEAONC!  Use us!


Dick Dreyer