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November President's Message

At a SPUR event in 2013, I heard a definition of resilience that resonated with me.  Resilience is:  “the ability to survive a crisis and thrive in a world of uncertainty.”  This definition was given in the context of organizational resilience, but it applies equally to community resilience, in which performance of the built environment is an integral part.

October President's Message

There has been so much activity in the past month, and a lot to share! First and foremost, the 2017 SEAOC Convention was held at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa. Many of you attended, and had the opportunity to experience the excellent technical sessions and social events.

September President's Message

My reaections for you on the past month at SEAONC start on a sad note. By now, all of you have received the news of the unexpected passing of Steve Tipping, a former SEAONC President (2002-2003), SEAONC Fellow, longtime member, and founder of Tipping Structural Engineers. One thing that has become clear to me over the recent weeks is that Steve was beloved by so many - as an engineer, employer, leader, and mentor.

August President's Message

It is the start of a new year for SEAONC, and already, so many inspiring things are happening. Many of you have written to me, called me, and invited me to coffee to share your thoughts on what you want to work on this year. Here are a few things you’ve shared: 

July President's Message

I’m honored, humbled, and delighted to serve SEAONC as your President this year. I’ve been a member since I started working in San Francisco in 2000, and it’s been an important part of my professional life ever since. I met some of my oldest friends - fellow brand- new structural engineers like me - at my rst Committee Outreach Night, held every November.

June President's Message’s June! And,... this is it! This will be my last message to you as your President. After this, you will all be entertained by messages from our incoming President, Taryn Williams. Please give her all the love and support you can as she is going to be fantastic!

May President's Message

April President's Message

So it’s time to tell your story! Or if you don’t want to tell your story and would rather tell another story, you can do that too, just be sure it’s about Structural Engineering in our Northern California member organization, SEAONC.

March President's Message


Well it’s March, the rain seems to have stopped (for at least a little while) and spring is just around the corner. It feels good to have some sunlight coming across my desk as I almost forgot what that looks like.

February President's Message

And what a ne afternoon it was! As I walked down to SPUR on Mission Street last Thursday to attend the SE3 Symposium, I knew I was in for something special and probably unprecedented as far as SEAONC events are concerned. This however was truly exceptional. Not only was the attendance full with over 120 registered attendees, I might also add, it was also quite lovely and full of such positive energy!


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