Password Reset, First Time Login Instructions

How Reset Your Member Password

Welcome to the new SEAONC website!  If you are a SEAONC member, you can log into the exclusive areas of the site by resetting your password.

To reset your password, just click the "Login" link to the upper right of any page and then click on the "Request new password" tab.  Click here to go straight to that screen.

Within the Request new password screen, simply enter the email address SEAONC has on file for you and click the button to "E-mail new password."  You will then receive an email including a link you may use to log into the website.  Click the link in this email to go to a special page on the site that will allow you to login without your password.  This link may be used only one time.

Click the green "Log in" button to go directly to the password reset screen.  In this next screen, type your new password two times into the form and click the "Save" button.

If the email you use does not match the one SEAONC has on file, please contact the SEAONC office and they will be able to assist in getting you setup.