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A MEMBER SE shall be a Civil Engineer registered in the State of California with authority to use the title Structural Engineer. 

A MEMBER shall be a Civil Engineer registered in the State of California regularly engaged in the practice of structural or related engineering, a person who conducts research and/or holds a teaching position at a university or college, or a person the Board of Directors feels qualifies for the grade of Member. 

An ASSOCIATE MEMBER shall be a structural, civil, or architectural engineering graduate who is not eligible for the grade of Member or Member SE. 

An AFFILIATE MEMBER shall be a person in an allied field cooperating with and/or working closely with structural engineers in the advancement and practice of the technical aspects of structural engineering. 

An INDUSTRY MEMBER shall be a person in an industry cooperating with structural engineers. 

A STUDENT MEMBER shall be an engineering student who is enrolled full time in an accredited engineering school or college. 

A CORRESPONDING MEMBER shall be a person interested in supporting the goals and purposes of the Association who does not qualify for other membership grades or who does not reside in California or Nevada. 

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