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January President's Message

Happy New Year everyone!  Hopefully you all had a chance to enjoy some time off and enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones as we enter a year facing the many new changes that lie before us.  I know that I, for one, did and it was a great “staycation” as we spent several days walking local beaches, seeing new movies that have come out and we explored all the wonderful things you can do with a big box of chanterelle mushrooms a buddy and I found basically in my own back yard.  You can prepare them sautéed as appetizers on a tooth pick, top them over tomato cream pasta, sprinkle over s

December President's Message

Yikes!!  Its December already!  The Holidays are upon us.  But didn’t we just do this a couple of months ago or so??  It sure seems like that.  So any day now someone just about everywhere I go will be asking “so are you ready for the holidays?”  For the greater part of the month, (up until late in the day on the 24th) I will likely be answering “no.”  But the one thing I will be ready for is our annual SEAONC holiday dinner meeting at the Faculty Club on the UC Berkeley campus December 6th.  This is always one of my favorite dinner meetings each year.  First of all the club buil

November President's Message

Dearly beloved SEAONC members:

October President's Message

It was late in the afternoon on Thursday, September 8.  I was actually working out the fine details for our upcoming SEAONC Board meeting agenda when I got the call:  ‘Dick, it’s Heidi, EERI.  The exciting news is you have been selected to be a part of a reconnaissance team for the Amatrice Earthquake in Italy.  The tricky part is you leave in about 36 hours.’

September President's Message

So it’s September!  That’s my next to favorite month of the year.  The good news for me is I can finally just enjoy the crisper mornings and warm afternoons without having to drop kids off to school.  But, summer is basically over and it IS back to SEAONC time!!

August President's Message

I was recently at a social event and met up with a long standing friend and colleague structural engineer.  We both actually passed the SE exam together more years ago than either of us would probably like to remember or certainly discuss here.  Let’s just say in our early careers, we both worked together and separately on large commercial and institutional projects while employed by sizable structural design firms here in San Francisco.

July President's Message

As we prepare to kick off the 2016-2017 Board year, I just want to first say what an honor and pleasure it is going to be for me to serve as your president.   This has been a long time desire of mine and now, as I compose this first Presidents Message to you, reality is setting in!!  I’ve got to get my writing game on.

June President's Message: The Freedom of Not Knowing

Reflecting on my year as President, what surprised me most is the liberation that has come from not always knowing something.  Explanation below, but first, updates:

May President's Message: Here’s to Mentors

Most of us, myself included, would not be where we are without the support and wisdom from mentors.  Below I highlight a few of mine, and why I’m grateful to them, but first, updates:

April President's Message: Your Company or Your Friend?

Would you give up a friendship for the survival of an organization that you believe in? Some of us have faced this excruciating choice. I’ll share my own story, but first, updates:


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